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Channel hopping n stumbling onto your show to actually meeting you today .. all I can say WOW!!!

It was an absolute pleasure hearing you speak. It was very informative. I’m more knowledgeable about brand presentation. These are definitely notes I will still go back to even at the end of the year. Thank you Ego ! 💕

Nooo!! THANK YOU💕🙏🏽 you were great!! Learnt so many lessons🙏🏽 appreciate it so much.

You are an magnificent speaker! I’m in awe of how you actually touched on exactly what I currently need to do action regarding my brand! As well as me being non apologetic about wanting to make money 🤑

It was really informing and educating. It really lit a fire in me to want to break out and just start building on my brand. And like you said about miss London. You were listening and that’s one thing I need to start doing listening to what people say when they hear my name. PS: I’m also the girl who asked about the degree and loved and appreciated your answer so much. 🤗